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Lurex® Innovation

Lurex® has, for over 60 years, been known for quality metallic & special effect yarns. We are a household name but also a worldwide registered trade mark with an international reputation for quality, service and Innovative developments. We constantly challenge ourselves to bring to our Customers Innovative, exciting yarns that push boundaries in textile creation.

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GRS Certified Sustainable Lurex®

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Lurex® Oeko-Tex Class 1

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New Dye Resist Lurex®

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Lurex® for Denim

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Lurex® Technical

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Fine slitting yarn in our Production Unit

Yarn Information

Lurex® Sustainable Recycled Yarns are made by twisting Lurex® metallic or special effect yarn with post consumer recycled Polyester, Polyamide and Rayon reducing waste and environmental impact.

Please select Recycled Yarn in our Product menu to learn more.