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Lurex® Supersoft for Denim

Lurex® Supersoft brings a new level of glamour and softness to jeans! Soft to the touch with as much shine as you care to create.

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This soft Lurex® yarn is designed to be woven into denim fabrics to give a new softness, brilliance and performance. Combined with cotton, the Lurex® weaves like a normal cotton yarn and feels soft to the touch. The Lurex® is made of a highly specialised metallised polyester and can resist treatments that would normally destroy standard metallised polyester fibres. So enzyme washes, bleaches and reactive dyes call all be used.

As the Lurex® is combined with cotton it can be woven in the warp or weft and much or as little is required and if woven in a combination with spandex can create glamourous stretch denim that feels fabulous! Lurex® Supersoft combined with Viscose also available for Denim Knit fabric.


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Contrast denim with Lurex® for a glamourous look

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Add Lurex® to any tone of denim for softness and shine

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Incorporate Lurex® for playful distressed looks for everyday

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Embroidery and applique Lurex® sparkle with our specialised sewing threads

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Supersoft with spandex for softness and stretch

Please see our SSRCS and SSRVS yarns in Supported Pure Silver Collection for details or contact your local Lurex® Office.

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