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Lurex® Sustainability

ADDING A NEW BRILLIANCE TO FASHION WITH A CONSCIENCE …. The Lurex® Brand is committed to its environmental responsibilities and to further that commitment we set our R&D Team the challenge to develop a range of sustainable Lurex® yarns.


Recycled Lurex® Yarn

We believe sustainable options should be a key requirement when sourcing material for the production of yarn, fabric and clothing – indeed todays consumers are very aware and making considered choices when selecting product favouring those that are reducing environmental impact.  Recognising our responsibilities we have developed a range of sustainable Lurex® yarn manufactured with post consumer recycled Polyester, or pre consumer recycled Polyamide or Rayon that are GRS certified.

Our recycled polyester comes from plastic bottle waste and our recycled polyamide from yarn waste or polymer chips reducing waste and impact on our environment through landfill. Working with trusted, long term supply chain partners all of our yarns are traceable to origin.  Each stage of the GRS recycled yarn is certified through each stage of the production process to the final sales transaction.

All Lurex® yarns are made to comply with the latest safety and quality regulations.



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Lurex® Sustainable yarns

Yarn information

Our sustainable ranges have been developed to be used in a wide range of product applications: circular, flat bed and hand knitting, woven fabrics and labels, lace, embroidery, seamless, socks and hosiery.  A range of deniers of 100% recycled supporting yarn have been used to offer softness, finesse and strength where required.

Yarns are either for use in yarn dye applications with over 60 colours to choose from or dye resist offering more choice to your design creations.

As with all Lurex® yarns our recycled collection is produced to meet our strict quality standards and the technical requirements of the most demanding production processes.