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New Dye Resist Lurex®

Here at Lurex® we are able to offer brilliant metallic, iridescent and effect yarns that will remain unchanged after your dyeing treatments and wet processes.


Over many years the Lurex® Organization has developed a complete range of metallic yarns and specialized processes to compliment the creations of our customers. We offer unique products which give resistance or compatibility with just about all of the dye and fiber types commonly available in todays textile industry.

So whether you are mercerizing cotton with caustic chemicals, reactive dyeing rayon with strong alkali, processing nylon or wool under acidic conditions or even dyeing polyester under high temperatures and pressures, we have a tailor made solution for all of your requirements.


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General advice on processing Lurex® yarns is available in our various technical manuals which are available upon request, in addition to bespoke technical support, supplied by our qualified and experienced technicians in our own laboratory.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Lurex® team, who will be delighted to discuss your requirements with you and  help you select the most suitable yarn from our collection.

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