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GRS Certified Sustainable Lurex® Yarn

Recognising our responsibility to the Planet here at Lurex® we are committed to reducing our environmental impact by using sustainable components in the manufacture of our yarn.


We are proud to have launched in 2020 our range of Sustainable Lurex® Global Recycle Standard Certified Yarns – launching first two collections of Lurex® yarn twisted with post consumer recycled Polyester suitable for a range of yarn dye applications including wovens, circular and flat knit, lace, embroidery, woven labels and trims. Available in a selection of fashion colours including Silver and Gold from stock with a choice of 30 more on demand.

More recently we have added yarns made with pre consumer recycled polyamide and rayon offering more options for softness and dyability and suited to a wider product range to include seamless and hosiery – select the Recycled Yarn option in our Product menu to see the range.


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1 – Innovation post 1

Our Yarn Dye GRS Recycled Yarns are made with Post Consumer 100% recycled polyester

2 – Innovation post 1

See our CPMP2375E or PMRP2320E yarns in our Recycled Product section

3 – Innovation post 1

Sustainable knitwear using our Lurex® recycled yarns

4 – Innovation post 1

Sustainable Hosiery – see our fine, soft dye resist GRS certified STERBS1540E made with 100% pre consumer polyamide

6 – Innovation post 1

GRS Sustainable Recycled Lurex® Yarns, the journey has begun …

Lurex® Sustainable Recycled Yarns are made by twisting Lurex® metallic or special effect yarn with 100% post consumer recycled Polyester or 100% pre consumer Polyamide and Rayon reducing waste and environmental impact.