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Lurex® Technical

Staffed by qualified technicians with over 30 years experience in textile technology, the Lurex® organization has its own dedicated laboratory, ready to support the needs of our customers and provide technical support to our sales team world-wide.


Equipped with the latest instruments in fabric and yarn testing, colour measurement and fastness, analytical microscopes and sample dyeing, our facility is available to support you, and help you create brilliant innovations, whatever your requirements.

We are able to work with you on the research and development of new products, test existing production techniques and provide information on certification standards such as the Oeko-tex 100 testing scheme etc.


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In addition to carrying out our own quality assurance procedures, our technical team love nothing more than an exciting new project and collaboration with our clients. Don’t hesitate to ask your Lurex® contact how we can help you make the most from our product range and achieve the very best creations possible