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Bourdon Gimp Pure Silver Collection


Silver 221

Lurex® Bourdon Gimp Yarn

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    2222 White Gold Gold
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    2203 Dark Gold Gold
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    2205 Satin Gold Gold
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    221 Silver
Stock item supplied on cone or spool

Lurex® Bourdon Gimp double metallised pure silver polyester yarn with a polyamide core suitable for weaving, knitting, braiding and embroidery applications

Please note actual colours may vary from those illustrated
yarns _Bourdon Gimp_Yarn


  • 38% Polyester Silver Metallised
  • 62% Polyamide

Dye Resist

Yes, but it will also dye your colour with disperse dye

Yarn Details

  • SSN14037
  • 12 μ (micron)
  • 1/69" (0.37mm) Nm 40, 250 Dtex

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